There is the work, with its instinct, meaning and mystery.

Using cement as matter, Núria Guinovart has achieved an infinite and enriched range of shades and values, fruit of the the essence of cement. The range of greys in the artworks keeps growing until it finds new contrasts and becomes finer and its own instinct says it’s enough.

Later, her senses tells her to begin to elaborate shapes over the matter, until the result is revealed: large and strong shapes over a very elaborate background, composing a great artwork. With an empirical attitude, making no concessions, doing nothing. This is not the main topic, but one can find shapes, volumes, stripes, balance, backgrounds and depth. Everything seems to go faster, but she stops, goes back, and finally insists with her intutiion; stops everything and leaves it there, no one knows what has happened. It remains a mystery, but a great work remains.

I think that in her art, there is an instinct, a sense and will, an objective purpose, remaining in the present. She comes out while we watch as hours pass by transforming into many other things: feelings, passion, love, melancholy, nostalgia, interpretation. Everything is there, there is the work, with its instinct, meaning and mystery.

Raimond Maragall

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