Since a very young age I have been interested in art, especially in artistic and decorative painting, following a family tradition that has passed by for generations. My early work is framed by the environment of my grandfather Ramon’s workshop, where Josep Guinovart also worked in his youth.

I studied sculpture in The Llotja Advanced School of Art and Design, in Barcelona.

I did drawing and painting classes with Toni Ferrer.

I did studies in delineation (sketching), which helped me put order to aspects of volume and perspectives.

I work as an interior designer and a window dresser. During this time I have developed a sense of harmony and sensitivity, among others.

I had travelled to Italy (Bergamo), where I stayed in the workshop of Antonio De Martino, making an Artist-in-residence, this is also where I learned the technique of encaustic painting and discovered the use of concrete as an art form.

Artist-in-residence at Ignacio Aguirre’s engraving workshop.
Artist-in-residence at Baltà Marti’s mould shop.
Artist-in-residence at Joan Barbera’s engraving workshop